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dog drinking water

Keeping Your Pet Safe from the Summer Heat

You already know the necessary steps for keeping yourself cool during summer. Your instincts will tell you when the heat is getting unbearable and you need to do something about it. Pets provide a necessary companionship service to everyone who owns them, but they lack enough control over their environment. Thus, they rely on you to protect them. In summer, the temperatures can get too high for your pet to tolerate and that might be the leading cause of health problems in the future. You should consider the following tips for keeping your pet safe from the summer heat.

Use Sunscreen

You should purchase sunscreen for your pets because they too get sunburns. You might notice it on furred pets like cats and dogs, but the absence of a visual does not imply the lack of the problem. An animal chiropractic college argues that you need to pay attention to the behavior of the pet as that too can tell you whether they are getting uncomfortable with the sun. You should apply the sunscreen inside the nostrils, at the tip of the nose and around the pets’ lips. The insides of the ear would also be another consideration for dogs with stand-up ears.

dog drinks water

Hydrate Your Pets

Provide sufficient drinking water at strategic places where the pet can quench its thirst. You might not regulate when the pet gets thirsty, but the general rule is that the activities outdoors will cause the pet to need water at least once every two hours. The size of the pet also determines the water is necessary at a time. Dogs will take in more water than cats.

Keep Pet Spaces Aerated

You might need to buy a cooling fan to help keep your pets cool. You should keep the fan on at all times except when your thermometer shows the temperatures are subsiding. Pets should have cool areas and slightly warm regions so that they can pick a decent location fitting their needs. It would be a good idea to have your pet in a large enclosure.

Create a Splash Area

splash area for petsPets will frequently need to get their body cool. Having water for splashing will be a good idea especially when you have dogs. Cats tend to have a lousy relationship with water, and you can do very little to intervene.

On the other side, make sure your splash area is safe for the pet, and it will not create disturbances for the people nearby.

The pet may make loud fun noises as it plays with the water and you should alert everyone else who might think there is a problem with your pet. Ducks kept as a pet also need a splash area where they can swim.

Mind the Windows

If you are traveling with the pet, then mind the windows. Do not keep the pet in a car with closed windows as it may find the environment unbearable. Keep windows at least half-open and have the pet on a leash to prevent it from jumping out of a moving vehicle. Your house windows should also be open in summer to allow airflow. If you do not want to have windows open, then you should have the AC on at most times.